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HepC Palace
Memorials to Our Animal Friends


Josey (the one driving) was Sissy's baby and she loved her as if she were her own child. Josey gave this world 5 happy years of her life.
Seems The Great One above had bigger and better plans for Josey. She can now run free - no worries, fears or pain- only happiness. A life all deserves to be able to live.

Heres the last picture taken of buddy the night before he died.  It was known that he wasnt feeling well, but not that he was that ill.  He hadnt been taking the cold very well this year and was often covered with an electric blanket when he came in from outside.   When he didnt eat his treats it was known that he was sicker than he had ever been before.  Now his owner (friend) feels really bad that he didnt know how sick he was, he never let on that the time had come.